Fixers In จีคลับGames

Fixers are people who analyze what kind of sport will win and who will win and tell a lot of people about the picks (results) not. Occasionally, if you look at the advertisement, you must have seen the fixers who said that we can make money together by posting a picture of the winning details on Jongpittoto, saying that our profit is about this level and that we can receive free picks in a group chat room. Of course, I’m not talking about all the fixers in จีคลับ but, there are a lot of fixers with a low win rate, and you have to think about what their purpose is. There is no need to give free picks to pickers with a high win rate because you can make profits and profits by placing bets yourself.



The distributor is a structure that attracts members and makes profits with the points that members bet. Of course, some distributors attract members while maintaining a steady win rate and hit rate here. However, in most group chat rooms and family rooms, they hire people who give a few hundred thousand won a month as a monthly salary in a part-time fashion and, have them post their picks in the group chat room or family room every hour.

Real master fixers are making money by selling picks for a fee, rather than sharing their picks. It is correct to say that most of the fixers who give free picks are fake rather than fake. However, rather than blindly following all of Pixter’s matches, we recommend that you place a bet in จีคลับ if there is a match that is identical to the matches you analyzed.

Of course, whether paid picks or free picks are organized and analyzed, the picks are clear. So you can save a lot in terms of time, and you don’t have to check the performance or recent win rate one by one. Therefore, you can save time by using it as a reference. However, what we need to know here is that you should not follow the picks blindly, but use them for reference only.


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